Welsford Rogue

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 Deck and Painting Interior

  June 28, 2020

Continuing with last week's plan, I began sanding and painting the front section in prep for installing the deck. I've been going with 2 coats of primer and 2 top coats. With drying time and sanding between each coat, the time adds up and there were thunderstorms throughout the weekend slowing things down. But the end is in sight.

Here's the bow area sanded, filleted, faired and ready to go.

After the first coat of primer.

Second coat of primer applied.

I also painted the underside of the king plank...

...under the deck pieces...

...and the first top coat of white along the outside.

I'll be painting the rear section next, so I completed all the filleting and cleaned up a lot of details. I also spent a good amount of time sanding the gunwales in preparation for finishing.

And the first coat of topside paint goes on in front. Wow, it covers a multitude of sins.

I'll get the second coat completed during the week. So it's looking like I'll be ready to go on the deck next weekend!

More updates coming as work continues...