Custom Kayak

15' Kayak 14' Canoe Home Rogue Sailboat

 Half-Ribs & Inwales

Removed from the strongback.

Station forms removed.

These are short ribs that will be positioned between each of the regular ribs along the floor to strengthen the cockpit area.

The shorter ribs lashed in place.

Ready to trim the ends off those ribs.

The frame "de-clawed".

Spacers that will separate the gunnels and inwales.

It's the end of November and too cold for gluing out on the screened porch I've been using as a workshop.

I wanted to get the inwales installed to strengthen the frame before Winter sets in so I moved the frame indoors to complete the job.

Back out on the cold porch - job done.

Finished for the season. Here it remained untouched for several months.

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