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 Season 2 updates

The soft Skwoosh seat I had used previously didn't work well without a flat supporting surface. The bumpy ribs were uncomfortable and frequently caused my legs to go to sleep.

Needing something firmer, I bought this pre-sculpted minicell foam seat blank from Joe Greenley at Redfish Kayaks.

It has to be cut down and shaped to fit the cockpit so I began by sawing a big chunk off each side to get it down to the basic width.

Then, using a trial-and-error method, began sculpting the bottom with a saw, surform tool, file and sandpaper.

Once the basic shape was achieved, I added grooves for the ribs.

Here's the final shape.

And it fits in snuggly around the ribs. Can't wait to give it a try. [EDIT] The seat is great. It solved every issue and I can now paddle comfortabley for hours – highly recommended for anyone having seat problems.

I also added floatation bags fore and aft – hoping to do a little more adventurous paddling this summer!

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