Custom Kayak

15' Kayak 14' Canoe Home Rogue Sailboat

 Waterproofing the skin

Here's the 2-part urethane kit from Spirit Line, plus a mixing cup and brush – can't beat this stuff for a tough coating.

Before application.

Here's the hull after 4 thin coats.

The next day I did the deck.

Spreading the "goop" evenly with the provided tool.

Some final smoothing.

Catching some missed spots and smoothing out drips with the brush.

Finished rear deck.

The plan now is to oufit the cockpit with a SKWOOSH Seat and Snap Dragon Back Band.

After the urethane dried, I added some bungee deck rigging using nylon strap loops as described on the CLC website.

All the deck rigging attached.

A couple loops of extra nylon were sewn in to reinforce the heel area under the foot rests.

Back band installed.

Glowing in the late afternoon light.

Ready for paddling (it's Tuesday today – hope to have it in the water on Friday!).

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