Custom Kayak

15' Kayak 14' Canoe Home Rogue Sailboat

 Truck Carrier Bar

I was looking for a little more solid support than what the smallish cab roof could provide – also wanted to be able to transport 2 boats at the same time.

I came up with this inexpensive simple solution that has worked out well so far. It's is easy to store and quick to set up and take down as needed.

It's comprised of two, 2" x 3" vertical supports with 2" x 4" bases, a length of PVC pipe and a simple wing-nut clamping setup.

The small wooden back plate attaches to the vertical support with a flathead bolt, a wing nut and a couple washers.

It slips up under the rail that runs around truck bed. And with the wing nut tightened, holds the upright securely in place.

The base locks in between the side and a ridge in the flooring.

A strap through the built-in metal attachment ring that falls right behind the upright board could be used for an additional attachment point.

The PVC pipe (strengthened with a repurposed rake handle inside) is slipped through a hole at the top of each support. The duct tape makes the fit tight enough to prevent the pipe from rotating and the end cap keeps it from slipping out of the hole.

Once through the second hole, an end cap is attached to the this end too.

These foam canoe blocks add support and keep the kayak from sliding side-to-side once the strap is secured in place.

The front is strapped to a kayak pad that securely fastens to the truck through the door openings. I also add a strap from the front of the kayak down to a towing loop under the front bumper.

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