Custom Kayak

15' Kayak 14' Canoe Home Rogue Sailboat

 Constructing a Coaming

I designed a "Struer-like" coaming (or should I say I copied the Struer shape?) and transferred it to this chipboard form.

The laminated coaming was shaped by pouring boiling water directly onto both side of each laminated strip. Then the curved area was kept hot with a heat gun while I slowly bent and clamped it into place. The wood is just precut lattice board from the lumber yard.

The second laminate layer clamped in place.

Hand ripping the strips for the coaming lip.

To shape the front, I first overlapped the ends.

Then repeatedly trimmed with a vertical sawcut down the center until both sides met cleanly. The two lip layers will receive the same treatment.

Gluing up the first 2 laminates.

Glue drying. (For full effect, stare at photo for 24 hrs.)

Every clamp I could round up is used to secure the first layer of the lip for glueing.

Finally figured out a way to clamp the front for glueing – clamp the clamps!

After a little clean up – the finished product!

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