Sea Tour 15

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I've used the Sea Tour for several months now - averaging about 2 outings per week (the best was a weekend on Lake Champlain).

Since some time has passed, I thought I'd report how things are holding up.

The first thing to go was the foam footrest. I decided to replace it with a pair of standard foot pegs.

Adding them at this stage was a bit cumbersome. And to make matters worse, I ordered the type with a long adjustment handle, not considering they would have to clear the cross section when extended.

I had to use an additional mounting board and file a little notch out of the cross section (fortunately at a wide area).

The results were well worth the effort though. I noticed a definite increase in speed, comfort and control.

The nylon and urethane skin has a tendency to retain stains from water scum and the like and I may be getting some mildew along the lower chine where it has separated from the skin - not sure what to do about this.

The skin seems to be tough though. On occasion I've scraped against submerged logs and rocks and assumed I would see serious damage but upon inspection found no problems.

I forgot to mention that for some reason the coaming just barely spanned the space between cross sections 3 & 4. Only about 1/8" at each end rested on the cross sections.

To add more support I added a strip along the back and a small "dashboard" at the front - both attached with epoxy and dowels.

I still can't resist taking a photo when I see the boat in a nice setting like this.

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