Sea Tour 15

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More decisions to be made as the final touches are added. I chose to go with nylon shock cord and used nylon strapping folded as shown...

...then screwed into the gunwales to the hold lines in place.

Here is the front deck layout.

I purchased a Snap Dragon back band shown here temporarily clamped into place.

The seat is a Skwoosh gel seat cushion. I liked the simplicity and low profile.

I secured it to the frame with a carabiner and a loop around the center post. The pad has a rough bottom and doesn't slide around.

Here's back band secured into place with 2 machine screws through the coaming.

That center post is an addition I added to strengthen cross section 4 but its also handy for securing the seat and back band.

I had planned to make floatation bags, but anxious to wrap up the project, purchased a pair of Spirit Line bags.

I rolled up some foam and wedged it between the stringers for a foot rest. *See "Update" section.

Well, hard to believe but It's finally finished and ready to hit the water!!! Final stats: 16' long, 22" wide, 12" deep, 38 lbs.

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