Sea Tour 15

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For some quick in-water testing, I popped down to the town lake early on a rain-forecasted morning when I hoped no one would be around (boat launching is usually not allowed in the beach area). Here's what I learned: • No one was around :-) • No leaks! • Seat was very comfortable. • Initial stability was a little shaky at first. • Secondary stability rock solid. • Accelerates quickly. • Feels fast. • A breeze to load on the car. • Very happy! Can't wait to take it out for an extended outing.

No formal launching ceremony - just took a Friday vacation day and headed out to a favorite spot

Tully Lake in Royalston, MA.

A couple days later I was out on the Swift River (crystal clear water that flows from the large Quabbin Reservoir in Central MA).

And well, that's it from start to finish!

The family is happy to have its porch back - no longer a workshop

As a novice builder, I owe a big thanks to several people, Tom Yost of course, and Corey Friedman, the contributors to the ongoing discussions at the qajaqusa and Guillemont Kayaks message boards, Dave Gentry for replying to my email inquiries, Jim Holston who kindly ripped all the lumber and loaned me his jigsaw and clamps, and my wife who was lovingly supportive throughout the entire process. THANK YOU! I hope this website has provided some bit of useful information to other builders or prospective builders.

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