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15' Kayak Home 17' Kayak Rogue Sailboat


Completed - side view.

Completed - front view.

It looked a little plain and unfinished out in the yard so I decided to add an accent strip along the gunwale line.

I used Rustoleum oil-based paint to add a black stripe on each side.

Here's how it looks with the accent line.

The official "portrait"!

The brass rub rail extends up over onto the deck about 2".

Another view of the brass stem band.

I added an Ocean Kayak padded seat. Although it's sold as an accessory for a sit-on-top kayak, it had just the right number of straps and clips to secure it to the the thwart, gunwale and floorboards.

Another photo - this one at the loading ramp.

The water line is visible through the skin – an interesting sensation while paddling.

It has garnered a lot of attention during loading and unloading. I now have to plan for an additional 20 minutes or so for boat ramp conversation at each outing.

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