Arrow 14 – Update

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 Autumn 2021 Update

The Arrow is such a light and easy boat to quickly grab and go, and as mentioned in the last update, still going strong nearly 10 years after construction.

My friend Gino and I decided to get at least one more paddle in before the season ended so we met up at Hoyt's landing in Vermont, located right at the junction of the Black and Connecticut rivers.

It's a great launching area with two ramps and plenty of parking (at least in October).

After having not seen each other for over 4 years, we were humorously surprised at the similarity in our vehicles.

It was a beautiful October morning — mid sixties (Fahrenheit) and fog just lifting.

Here's the Arrow ready to go.

Loaded with a small cooler of water, lunch and snacks – and the WindPaddle sail tucked in place just in case the wind picked up.

Gino came with his small river kayak.

We began by heading up the Black River.

There was plenty of Autumn foliage along the way.

Along with several herons — even a bald eagle overhead as we left the ramp.

We pulled over for lunch right below a small waterfall.

Even waded around in some shallow rapids near shore — the water surprisingly warm.

We could paddle no further so we turned around and headed downstream.

Here's Gino after running the rapids down from the waterfall. Maybe the Arrow could have done the same but there were plenty of sharp rocks and the water was very shallow in places, so I didn't risk it.

Back at the junction we turned south onto the broad Connecticut river.

The wind and waves picked up a bit so I popped out the sail.

Here's a short video of some sailing. We continued down the river for about an hour, stopped at a picnic area for snacks and paddled back up stream against the wind. All-in-all, a great day in what may be the last outing of the season.

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