Lightweight Boatbuilding

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Building logs from three projects

Here is a collection of photos and text documenting the construction of three lightweight boats – each built using a slightly different technique.

I am not an experienced boat builder or woodworker so these are not expert instructions, rather an overview of what's involved, mistakes and all.

I've included links in each section to relevant sources for anyone interested in learning more or undertaking a similar project.

Also, occasionally I'll add new photos showcasing the boats in action and include any updates or changes.

Hope you enjoy it – thanks for visiting!

15-foot Sea Tour Kayak Built using the non-traditional method of full-length stringers supported by plywood cross sections – covered with nylon or polyester, this tecnique produces a light, tough, easy-to-build kayak.

14-foot Arrow Canoe Based on one of Platt Monfort's Geodesic Airolite boats - this canoe features a super-light frame strengthened with Kevlar roving. [Summer 2016 UPDATE ADDED]

17-foot Custom Kayak Combining elements of the first 2 builds, this one features a super light frame and custom modified design. [Summer 2015 UPDATES ADDED]